Empowering people to empower the world.

"In a survey of nearly 900 executives last year, 92% said soft skills were equally important or more important than technical skills, but 89% said they have a very difficult time finding people with the requisite attributes."                       

  -The Wall Street Journal

A company that invests in empowering their people holds the competitive edge over those that do not. 

Leaders that present themselves with assurance, anticipate and adapt, find solutions quickly, take initiative and understand how to negotiate and delegate harmoniously are the most likely to maximize their potential and the potential of their team. Such leaders make strong, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships that propel themselves and their organizations forward. Leaders that understand how to communicate effectively attract investment, priceless talent and allies with which to build coalitions that will expand their impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to empower our clients and their teams so that they in turn may empower those around them. As a company dedicated to the betterment of society, we also offer school programs that are civically engaging because we believe that when leadership skills are integrated into the educational process they are more likely to be integrated in every day life. We believe that empowered empathetic leaders will have the greatest impact. Disenfranchisement, dis-empowerment and oppression have only ever led to tragedy. Our hope is that the empowerment of people may lead to a stronger, more enlightened world.

It is a pleasure for me to describe Ms. Sawyers’ qualities of professionalism, the warmth of her personality, her intellectual capacity, social talents and strong sense of responsibility.

I have been impressed by the content of her curriculum, the abundance of strengths and the utmost integrity she displays. Her tireless efforts and dedication to the education and well-being of participants is exhibited in every course she conducts. The program is a source of inspiration.
— Dr. Lidana Jalilvand

domestic and international PARTNERSHIPS

  • The United Nations International School

  • Stevens Cooperative School

  • The French American Academy

  • HOLA Hoboken

  • Hackley Preparatory

  • BASIS Independent School

  • The Hudson School

  • The Alt School

  • GoGlobal Ukraine in conjunction with the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and the Ukrainian Ministry of Education

  • The African Women’s Empowerment Guild in conjunction with the Office of the First Lady of Edo State, Nigeria

  • The New Jersey Transit Planning Authority

  • Temple Sharey Tefilo Israel

  • Isha L’Isha, Israel